Friday, May 13, 2016

weekend wishes

"give the ones you love, wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay". - dalai lama

this week flew by. maybe because i am running on fumes. maybe because we are all so busy, i don't have time to think what day it is. maybe because the older we get - the faster the clock ticks.

cade is about to finish his last week of elementary school. am i excited? yes. am i sad? most definitely. partly because i love our elementary school and, partly because...he is my baby. i felt the same way when he left the preschool that both kids attended and we loved. i remember sorting through his papers a few days after his last day...and crying.  as much as i love watching my kids grow and start new chapters of their lives, it also fills my heart with a happy sadness. but, as my mom says, "you can't do anything about it so, don't worry about it"!

back to my weekend wishes...
i would like to sleep.  but, that is wishful thinking! randi is heading off to a 24 hour trip tomorrow.  they leave in the middle of the night and return in the middle of the night...the very next night. {you couldn't pay me to do that but, they are so excited}. 

we have a play off baseball game tonight. if we win - we play tomorrow night. {pretty sure we will win so, i will not even say what happens if we lose}.

i will spend the rest of the weekend working on teacher's gifts, obstacle courses {for the 5th grade party on monday}, and plans for randi's 16th birthday {which is right around the corner}!

may your weekend be filled with dreams of the future and sweet memories of the past.

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