Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A night beneath the stars

a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that cade had never been camping. we owned a cabin in the mountains for seven years and he has spent lots of time at my parent's cabin but, he never slept in a tent beneath the stars. i was a failing as a mother.

so, i convinced troy we needed to take the boys camping. {actually, there wasn't much convincing. he was probably on board before i was}.

he found a perfect campground {upper tonto campground near horton creek}. there was a camp host, clean vault toilets and drinking water. what more could i ask for?!
we headed out late morning on a thursday and came home friday afternoon. 
the boys had a blast. they explored the creek and searched for crawdads.

uncle troy got in on the action. {i was busy playing photographer and being mesmerized by the beauty that surrounded me}.

he got one. do you see it? they are like miniature lobsters.  we have been told that they are actually a threat to to the ecosystem and are non-indigenous to the area. {when we owned a home in greer/white mountains, there were signs posted by game and fish to dispose of them}.

this kid loved every minute and can't wait to do it again.
{this is where i do a little happy dance. i need a hiking/backpacking partner in the family}.

ok. this little cutie had a great time too. the boys were so happy together.
you can't beat making memories with your cousin.

troy is quite the boy scout. not only did he remember all the skills {from way back when} but, he had the equipment too. i was such a rookie next to him.

they found some larvae in the water. these little critters build a cocoon out of pebbles, live in the water, and emerge as a moth/fly/something like that. so cool!

our cute campsite.
our tent is the center one. i just bought it at REI. it is a two person tent and is super light for backpacking. it went up in a couple of minutes. it's completely sheer on top so, you can see all of the billions of stars in the sky. we put a blowup mattress in there but, i wouldn't do it again. it was too cramped. thank goodness cade is a good snuggler. and, i did not bring sleeping bags, just blankets. big mistake! i was freezing all night. at one point, cade woke up and i said, "cade, let's go sleep in the car." to which he replied, "mom. that isn't camping!" 

back at the camp...
time to build the fire.
the boys really wanted to start the fire themselves but, scout master troy had to step in and assist.

they couldn't wait to roast hotdogs.

those yummy dogs were accompanied by hobo dinners. the boys thought it was the best thing they had ever eaten! {they were pretty delicious}.

the next morning, we drove two miles up the road to the tonto creek fish hatchery.
these "troughs" were filled with baby trout.

see all those speckled things? lots of trout.

the creek was gorgeous. you can see the larger trout swimming upstream in this picture...look closely.

after exploring around here for a while, we headed home.

it was such a fabulous twenty-four hours.  we are already planning our next adventure. we would like to backpack next time...hike in, camp, hike out.

mr. c was excited to hear about our trip. he even suggested we all go next time!
hhhmmm....we will need more gear.

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