Wednesday, June 1, 2016

birthday wrap up

it's official. there is another licensed driver in the house.  the months leading up to this momentous event have been a mixture of emotions. i am {very} excited to not have to drive her everywhere. she is so busy and all over the place. but, on the other hand, i'm sad i won't have to drive her everywhere! we talk so much in the car and i get to hear all about her day...but, she assured me  she would still tell me everything and talk my ear off while i make dinner. 

her birthday was all about her... what she wanted to eat and what she wanted to do. she started the day with a chocolate croissant and dutch bros. {thank goodness i no longer have to wait in that line}! we continued dining on "randi's favorite things" at a local sushi place where we had yummy rolls and endamame. from there, we went to the premiers of x-men {she pre-purchased tickets}. cade and i had not seen the other x-men but, were entertained, nonetheless. {although, i did snooze a little. i couldn't help it. the theatre has cushy leather comfy}.  the dinner request was homemade spinach enchiladas and this triple layer cookie cake.  {i highly recommend the cake. it was heavenly and pretty easy to make}.  
mimi and papa were out of town for the holiday weekend but, troy and his sweet family joined us for cake that evening.

because of the holiday weekend, she had to wait a few days to take her test but, she passed with flying colors {almost a perfect score}.
and, this morning she drove off by herself. i can't believe it. 

{and, she chopped off about six inches of hair}!!

my baby is growing up.

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