Monday, June 6, 2016

favorite things of the moment

ahhh...summer. strawberries, watermelons, hydrangeas, seashells, and...micro dermabrasion paste?
ha! yes, they all scream summer! as i have mentioned before, i love all natural products {and continue to use them}. however, when my friend introduced me to this scrub - my life was changed! the first time i used it, i walked around the house making the kids and mr. c feel my face because i could not believe how soft it was. {they were not quite as excited as i was but, happy for me nonetheless}.  i use it twice a week and love it.  you can find it here.

one more thing i am loving at the garden. our favorite go to meal is a salad bar and it is a bonus when we get to eat things straight from the garden. for the salad bar, i cut up all kinds of fruit and veggies, hard boiled eggs, beans, cheese, {sometimes} chicken or fish. everyone can make it they way they like and everyone is happy with full, healthy bellies.

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