Wednesday, June 29, 2016

she wants to bake

randi has a new learn to bake. the girl wants to bake and i couldn't be happier! {actually she wants to bake because she "wants to be the friend who shows up with cute baked goods"!}

so, yesterday, we had our first lesson. i found a recipe for salt and pepper chocolate brownies with caramel sauce i had been wanting to try {and, she is good with anything chocolate}. so, we gave it a whirl. we had a few lesson moments along the way and she did great. she was a little nervous about the caramel sauce but, it was perfect. the brownies were scrumptiously rich and gooey. and, the pepper added a wonderful, un-expecting after bite. 
mr. c loved his with vanilla ice cream, while i enjoyed mine straight up.

the recipe is from the new sugar & spice cookbook
{i will print the recipe once i get the author's ok.}

i love that she wants to learn to bake. she had good questions along the way and was interested in knowing why i do things a certain way. {however, she could not get over the fact that i never use a timer...i just know when it's done.}

next up? homemade caramels!!

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