Thursday, June 23, 2016

The bionic man

mr. c received a new hip about 48 hours ago. 48 hours ago and he is already home and walking around {with the help of a walker}.

he has put off the inevitable for over a year. which means, he has been in constant pain for over a year. a year ago, his x-rays showed bone on bone and arthritis. but, he didn't want to take the time to take care of it and, i think, he didn't want to accept the fact that he needed a new hip. but, years of baseball accompanied with the arthritis left him no choice. {plus, he couldn't do anything! selfishly, i wanted him fixed}!

we kissed the kids goodbye and headed for the hospital. {sweet cade had a  hard time saying goodbye. he called me several times throughout the day}. as we walked towards the doors of the hospital, mr. c said, "it almost feels like we are walking into the airport - off on a trip". it's a trip alright...just missing the beach and happy hour!

when i spoke with the surgeon in pre-op, he told me it would take about an hour and a half. so, i waited. over two {very nervous hours} later, the surgeon emerged and told me everything went fine, just longer than anticipated. he had so much muscle mass in his legs that it took him longer to get it done. plus, his hip was a mess! there was zero cartilage and several bone spurs. but, he felt good about everything and said his x-rays looked great.

the surgery was done with a robotic arm.  they actually put pins on his opposite hip so, the robot can make sure everything is even and he is equal lengths in each leg.  the boots he is wearing in this photo are like rollerblades - sans the wheels. these helped keep his legs in alignment. seriously. modern medicine is amazing.

leading up to this surgery, my dear friend from texas had been staying with us. {reunited after 25 years}! between late night talks with her and up most of the night with mr. c - i'm one exhausted girl. {i like my sleep. typically, 8 hours is required for full functioning mode}. however, it is/was all worth it. i loved every second with her and i'm thrilled for mr. c to have a pain free future.

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