Friday, June 10, 2016

weekend wishes

"oh no! adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time." - lewis carroll

happy friday and happy adventuring!

soon, i will tell you about an adventure cade and i had with troy and emerson {my brother and nephew}.   here's a involves tents, s'mores, creeks, and critters. it's a good one!

randi has been on an adventure all week in pennsylvania...touring colleges. just when i thought she was excited to stay within the grand canyon state...she becomes tempted by the beautiful, old, mystic campuses of PA. {i can't blame her. they are intriguing}.

i am beginning an adventure with the girls of events by popbox. i am so excited to be collaborating with them this summer. sweet details to come!

i will have a grand adventure next week as i talk and laugh and reconnect with a childhood friend. {it's amazing but, people actually fly in to this state during the summer time!  i have warned her of the heat but, it will be well worth the adventure}!

i have a few other adventures in the works. they include lots of baking, sewing and spanish with preschoolers!

and, while we are talking about adventures...i'm dying to go to havasupai falls and WILL go there soon.

and, i really want to do this  challenge. anybody want to join me?

finally, all of these adventures may make me thirsty. this grapefruit mojito recipe sounds like the perfect thirst quencher!

here's wishing you a weekend full of grand adventures!

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