Monday, June 27, 2016

What day is it?

the last two weeks have been a blurred whirlwind. lots of fun mixed with sleep deprivation.

all of the excitement started when my dear friend, brandy, flew in from texas to stay with us for a week. we reconnected after 25 {plus} years when i visited texas last january. we were both so excited about her trip and were in constant communication. as the date approached, i became even more anxious and my brain was loaded with questions. she flew in on a tuesday evening and we stayed up until 1:30 drinking wine and talking...until we couldn't stay awake a minute longer. we staggered into the kitchen the next morning and started all over again over coffee. we sat there - in our jammies - until after 2:00PM! from there, we drifted to the pool where we continued talking and laughing until it was time to get some dinner.  this went on for the next five days. for three of those days we got out of the heat and had a girls' weekend with randi, her friend {sarah} and my mom at her cabin. we would fall asleep talking and wake up talking. my mom couldn't believe we still had things to talk about. twenty seven years is a lot of time to cover and i was loving every minute of it! i even woke up the morning she was leaving with more questions for her. i adored being with her and i love knowing i have her friendship in my life again.

the morning she left, mr. c and i headed to the hospital where he had hip replacement surgery. the surgery was a week ago tomorrow and i can't believe it. this is the part of the past two weeks that has been a blur. he came home the next day and i have been trying to be the best nurse possible for the past five days. he has been a good patient's exhausting. it's that same feeling when i came home with a new baby...sleep deprived, doing the same things over and over, losing track of the days...
keeping up with laundry, the house {maybe i'm too neurotic}, the kids {randi is pretty self sufficient}, and cooking {i've been making three meals a day!!!}...i'm pooped! but, he is doing awesome and is moving better and quicker each day. we had his first physical therapy appointment today and he did great! he is going to be so much happier and pain free. {i told him i have big plans for him when he is all healed!}

although i don't know what day it is...i have been trying out new recipes and keeping happy bellies around this place. the other night, i made homemade naan. we loved it so much, i made it again the next night...but, this time i added some homemade hummus with it. it may be my newest addiction.
you can find the recipe here from half-baked harvest.

here's to old friends, quick recoveries, and delicious food!

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