Saturday, July 2, 2016

{all-star} weekend wishes

{my cool shaded all star is the one on the right}.

yay for the weekend! and, a holiday weekend at that...woo-hoo!

this weekend will be filled with baseball, baking and {i'm hoping} sleep.

cade has an all-star game this weekend. thankfully, it is a night game...since it's only 105 {at least} and muggy. {yes, our monsoon season has started and it is pretty yucky. give me a dry 115 any day versus a humid 100}!

i will also be preparing/baking for an upcoming event with events by popbox. they are hosting a faux calligraphy tea party next saturday at desoto market. it will be so much fun!  randi and i attended one of their calligraphy workshops a month ago and loved it. {randi is a natural}. if you attend this super fun will also receive a box of delicious scones made by yours truly. :)
you can find more information on their site. {i believe they are offering a special if you sign up with your bestie}!

and, i hope to sleep. i could sleep right through the fireworks...if given the chance. mr. c has been a great patient but, we do not have nights filled with dreamy slumber. he has a very hard time getting comfortable and is up and down all night. therefore, i am up and down all night too.  this morning he was up and wanting breakfast, coffee and, the paper at 2AM...he thought it was 5AM.
so, being a full time nurse, maid and chef has left me a bit exhausted. but, it's all good. it's temporary. {that is my current mantra}!

here's to a fun, explosive weekend! whether you are watching fireworks {or sleeping through them}...i hope it's full of all star wishes!

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