Monday, July 25, 2016

End of Summer

{my two babies...last summer in laguna}

it's a fact. all things {good, bad, whatever} must come to an end. which means...this summer must come to an end. 
i really felt i was ready for it to end. everyone needs to get back to their routines. with mr. c recovering from hip surgery all summer, cade's baseball, and randi...just being 16, i was ready!
i am still ready but, a little sad too. it's bitter sweet. i like having my babies around and i know once they start school...time will fly even faster than it already does. but, having a few moments to get other projects done and having less housework on a daily basis...will be a welcome change!

with this being the last week of summer, i had the kids sit down yesterday and think of {agree on} a few activities/field trips we could do this week. it took quite a bit of time but, they finally agreed on a list and we added them to the calendar. 

we will be...
visiting the science museum, the air and space museum {with the airplane graveyard...from can't buy me love...if only patrick dempsey were there too}!
bowling, top golf, back to school shopping...and hopefully, laughing lots and happily getting along!

here's to a fun-filled week...celebrating the last week of summer!

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