Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Giant Bugs

the other day the kids and i ventured to the az science center to check out some giant bugs!  we are nat geo junkies around here so, when we were trying to find things to do this week...we thought bugs would be right up our ally!

the giant bugs is a special exhibit at the science center right now {which means you have to purchase additional tickets...on top of your admission ticket}. we also saw a 3d rain forest/bug movie in the imax theatre {within the center}...which was another ticket. we loved the movie! it was like watching national geographic with bugs and spiders crawling right in front of your face!

this is a giant bird eating spider. seriously. it can eat a bird. and. it's real.
they have a few glass containers with live insects. 

cade was a bit freaked out by the wolf spider. i told him they were no big deal...we had them all over the place when i was a kid. he didn't believe me and remained freaked out.
i think this is a giant praying mantis. in the movie, we watched one of these devour a fruit fly. it was really gross. i mean really, really gross...but, kind of cool.

i know this picture is blurry but, cade's face!!  he was genuinely terrified of the spider exhibit. there are giant spiders and webs and all kinds of creepy crawly-ness.

we also learned about the human brain and addiction, the way our heart rates react to things that scare us...
extreme weather {we even sat through a tornado and hurricane}, forces of nature...
and looked through a telescope that magically made our eye balls look down on us.

although the science center is not one of my favs {i really don't know why}, it was a fun, educational morning!