Friday, July 8, 2016

weekend wishes

{dallas police standing outside hospital saluting their fallen brethren}.

it's friday. a somber friday. 

randi shared the news with me as soon as it happened last night. she continued giving me updates throughout the evening. i didn't want to watch it. i've grown tired of the senseless acts of violence. i kept telling myself, it was sad  but, my day would go on tomorrow.

tomorrow has come. and, i'm more upset and confused. while reading the paper this morning, i became overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness. this violence is spinning out of control. i don't know who or what is going to stop it. how will it end? i feel the country becomes more divided every day. the politicians aren't making a difference. the police and activist aren't either. the activist are participating in a peaceful demonstration because someone was killed without reason by a police officer. then, a shooter kills 5 officers in retaliation? police officers that were out there simply doing their jobs. peacefully. 

"this is not a black issue. it's not a hispanic issue. this is an american issue that we should all care about. all fair-minded people should be concerned." - obama

weekend wishes for today are...that we may see the beauty of everyone as if we were blind. let us not  see color.  race.  gender.  ethnicity.  religion. let us only seeing fellow humans.

love. love. love.

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