Friday, July 22, 2016

weekend wishes

{emerson...happy as can be}.

happy friday!
i can't believe i haven't blogged in a week. and. i have no excuses. other than the fact that i have become ridiculously addicted to grey's anatomy. randi has tried to get me to watch it for the past two years and i did not want to commit. {there are 12 seasons to get caught up on}. but, i finally succumbed to her pressure and i freaking LOVE it.  cade is constantly telling me that i am picking dr. mcdreamy and the gang over him. {i would never to that. ok. maybe a couple of afternoons this week. but, just for 45 minutes an episode}.

earlier in the week i was carpooling boys from baseball camp when one of them said to me, "miss mindy, do you ever forget to blog?"
"do you read my blog?"
"sometimes...when i have absolutely nothing to do. nothing at all."
hahaha! thanks jake...for reminding me i needed to blog this week. :)

our weekend started today with some light back to school shopping {one week to go} and watching my darling nephew, emerson, in a play. he had the lead role and when his mom asked him how he got the lead role he replied, "that's the only part i tried out for". 

got it hand it to a kid with confidence.
he shined in his performance. afterwards, i told my mom that it is really a shame that her grandkids are shy and lack so much confidence!!!

the rest of the weekend will be spent...
worrying as randi and her friend drive downtown to attend a concert.
having an evening of games and dinner with cade and his friend.
an early morning hike.
baseball. {it's never going to end}.
mr. c and i get a date night tomorrow!!!!  not only a date night but, the kids are having a slumber party with mimi and papa. {huge thanks and hugs and kisses to them}! we get to be off duty for a good 18 hours and it has been way too long since we went to dinner...just the two of us.  yippee!

here's to a fabulous weekend. may it be filled with lead roles and shining performances! 

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