Friday, July 29, 2016

weekend wishes

{mr. c at top golf}

it's friday!
the weekend is here.
the last weekend before we return to a scheduled life of packing lunches, homework, alarm clocks, and all kinds of goodness.

this weekend we will be cleaning our closests and drawers. {my kids are so excited}! we went shopping today and the new stuff doesn't go in - until the old stuff is out. i have been trying to get this done all no avail! but. sunday is the day!!

our week of activities was a success. along with the science center...we bowled, golfed {mr. c joined us at top golf one evening}, and did our back to school shopping.

this week we also enjoyed the dnc. actually, randi and i watched most of it but, the boys tuned in to some, as well.

here are some good things for the weekend {inspired by the dnc}:

deal me in: i loved her words, i appreciated her experience, and i am thankful for her beliefs.

have you read the constitution: we are ALL equal. there is no room for hate in our next president.

i met a girl: i loved his story about meeting his wife and i respect the ups and downs of their relationship.

first lady: did you see her entire speech? she shined. eloquent. class. intelligence.

one cool cat: great speaker. great president. great man.

and finally...
what i really really want:  LOVE.

here's to a weekend full of good things!


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