Thursday, August 4, 2016


{let me preface this by saying... things are an open book around our home}.
the other day, cade and i were getting the mail when he got excited because there was a box among all the boring envelopes.

"mom, what is it? something for me?!

"no. it's tampons."

"no way. you don't order tampons."

"these are special. healthy tampons."

he runs in the house delivering the mail and quickly tells mr. c that mom ordered tampons.
i walked in the door to laughter and mr. c asking me why i was buying designer tampons. i informed him that they are all natural. regular tampons have chemicals and if i have to use the damn things i may as well make sure they aren't killing me.

a few minutes later, randi walks in the room just as cade was inspecting the special box of tampons.

cade:  "these things are just weird."

randi:  "hey. they are serious. just because your privileged, male self hasn't and won't experience the need for them doesn't give you the right to make fun of them. women's health is serious.

poor cade. the kid doesn't stand a chance.  he just looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and went about his day.

{in case you are wanting info about the special tampons. you can find lola here}.

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