Tuesday, August 2, 2016

new chapter

sunday night.
i watched him sleep.
i watched as his breathing fell into a deep rhythmic slumber.
we read together {as we do every night} and he fell asleep...a little nervous, excited, and very tired.
he was starting middle school the next day.  middle school. a new chapter.
classes will be a little tougher, social circles will be different, new friends will be made...
and, i worry. will he find his way to his classes? will kids be nice? will he succeed? will he be happy?

i'm sure he will be great. he is a good boy and a strong student. but, that doesn't keep me from worrying. that doesn't keep me from watching him sleep...wondering how he will do, who he will be when he grows up, and how did he become a middle schooler?
i swear it was just yesterday that both of us were crying as we said goodbye at kindergarten drop off. now, it's just me doing the crying. tears of joy, pride and a little sadness...my babies are growing up. i only have so many "night before the first day of school" left...and, i will cherish everyone.

he was anxious to get to school today {which is a good sign}. his friends were waiting as i dropped him off but, he still squeezed my hand and said, "bye. love you".

my heart melted.

i love you too sweet boy. more than you can imagine.

{this is just the start of the week. i still have to get through randi - driving herself to school...where she will be a junior}!

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