Monday, August 8, 2016

road trip

this cute girl and i hopped in the car sunday ready for an adventure!
the boys didn't want to go but, it was too hot for us to hang around.
so, we headed to flagstaff {one of our favs}. and, to make it a complete "girls trip", we brought my little, furry girl too. {as you can see, she prefers i hold the leash. she did not like me walking behind}! 

this girl {who, normally does not like hiking} didn't even hesitate when i suggested a hike. not only did she not complain but, she said she "actually enjoyed it". {that is when i did a little happy dance in my head}! it was probably a good 25-30 degrees cooler than tempe and it was beautiful. {mia liked it too}! we hiked for little over an hour then headed downtown to macy's. we LOVE macy's.
it is a cute cafe that specializes in vegetarian cuisine and offers a large array of coffee drinks. we enjoyed a nice lunch outside and headed back home.

it was such a lovely day. randi is a great traveler. as long as she is going somewhere - you will hear no complaints. plus, she will be off to college before i know was nice having one on one time with her.
although, randi thinks i had other, maybe, making her like flagstaff even maybe, she will choose to go to NAU instead of NYU!!

i think, quite possibly, she is right.

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