Monday, August 29, 2016

still feeling it

i'm still flying high on the weekend of empowerment!
this beautiful girl is one of the reasons why.
my daughter has been selected to be a member of a national organization whose main goal is to educate and register youth voters. they inspire.
she spent the weekend at a leadership conference where she was motivated and empowered by guest speakers and fellow teens who are just as passionate about our democracy and social issues as she is.
{she actually had to leave for a few hours because she had to attend a workshop at her school where she is a mentor}.
she attended the conference without knowing a single soul. she texted me saturday evening saying she was loving it and how she came in to dinner late {because of attending the school workshop} but, went right up to a table and asked if she could join them. {this was huge for her}! she spoke in discussions, shared ideas, and was open to other's ideas and opinions.
i was able to attend the last hour and listened as the first female council member for the city of phoenix addressed the youth. she was awesome. she made me want to run out and do something to change the world! i sat there thinking, "wow. if randi had an entire weekend of this...she is going to be fired up".
and. she was. she is.
she was up, dressed, and out the door this morning by 6:50. {she has taken on an extra zero hour math class to give her a boost in calculus}. but, as she was grabbing some breakfast, she was telling me her plan to make an appt with the headmaster and discuss her game plan to register all 18 year old seniors. she is organized, efficient, and determined. she will move mountains when she is ready. 
i know it.

my daughter's strong will and determination comes from this amazing woman.
my mom.
this woman who gave birth to me, raised me, cared for me... is one of the strongest, most resilient people i know. she's a bit feisty at times and can even be a brat {hahaha} but, she amazes me.
all. the. time.
for years, i have said that randi is just like her and she would reply, "you say that like it's a bad thing"! no. it's not a bad thing. a bit scary at times...but, a very, very good, prideful thing.
now, i have two strong, determined, empowering women at my side...
and, i couldn't be more grateful.
we celebrated her birthday last night and, i can't think of a better way to end a weekend full of empowerment than with the woman who empowers me daily.
happy birthday mom.

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