Monday, August 22, 2016

The Gainfully Employed

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my sweet, sixteen year old got a job! 
she has known it would be asked of her upon turning 16 and, although a bit hesitant, she did it.
finding a job {that she liked} was more challenging than both of us thought. 
majority of the businesses she was interested in {mainly retail}, did not hire under 18. 
she began her search over the summer, when most places had already filled their positions and would not be hiring again until the fall. and...everything is online now. {which was not a big deal to her but, i don't like it all}. i mean, how can you give a first impression with an online application? with that being said, i MADE my daughter go in and introduce herself to the managers she had submitted online applications to. {she did not like this. at all. but. she had to}.  it all paid off in the end and she was ecstatic when she received the call saying, "we want you on our team".

not everyone agrees with teens having jobs outside of school. i have dear friends who believe school is their job. but, to me, having a job as a teen is huge. it's a must. it teaches so much. the paycheck is just a bonus to everything else they gain...time management, working with others, people skills, multi tasking, human relations, real life problem solving, not to's fun.

i have had more than my share of jobs and gained something from all of them.  while talking to my kids about my job experiences {convincing them that i know what i'm talking about}, i started thinking of ALL the jobs i've had. while most people go through life having a couple of jobs...i've had dozens. i have wanted to make a list for a while now so, after digging in the deep recesses of my brain, here is a chronological list of my work experiences:

cafe de france - watiress. first job. {shared this experience with my girlfriends}. 

stonebridge country club - clerk in the pro shop. {summer job. took the job to meet cute boys}.

agaci - sales clerk {second semester of my senior year in high school, i was promoted to manager. i only had to attend half days at school that semester...worked and played more}.

red robin - hostess. {first job in az}.

naturally women - trainer. {worked as a trainer in an all women gym}.

ymca - lifeguard/swim instructor. {this was the beginning of a long relationship. i left and returned several times over the years and completed my senior internship with them}.

az rattlers - cheerleader. {yes, this was a job and i did receive a check. this lasted for 5 years}.

solo buceo - sales. {this was a short lived job i had while living in cancun, mexcio. i quit and stuck around to dive everyday. wonderful people there}.

charlotte russe - sales clerk. {first commission job}.

jumbo chinese - waitress. {very short lived. lasted a week}.

title company - secretary. {it was a paycheck}.

phoenix suns - stat runner. {super cool. ran stats to all the media during games. hobnobbed with media personnel and players}.

arizona lottery - ticket sales. {sold tickets during suns home games. interesting}.

marcello's - waitress. {opened this restaurant. remained friends with the owners}.

fred's flowers - clerk. {LOVED this job. how could i not be happy working with flowers and fun people? they did all the flowers for my wedding. both of them}!

physical therapy office - fitness trainer. {i had the grunt work. opened the facility at 5AM...stayed for a couple of hours, went home and returned for the evening shift}.

state of az/local hospital - anti tobacco educator. {great job! educated kids in local schools on the danger of tobacco use, ran sting operations to bust merchants who sold to minors, ran cessation classes}.

boys and girls club - program director / executive director. {i opened a local chapter under the direction of a horrible, HORRIBLE man. he finally left and i became director. i loved the kids and the idea behind it...lots of politics}.

city of "small town az" - recreation coordinator/community relations. {with a degree in recreation management - i moved to the only city in the state without a recreation department. i worked for three years to get one implemented and finally was offered the job. lots of good and bad memories with this one...too much to share now}.

town of "small town in a big metro valley" - recreation coordinator. {after a nation wide search, it came down to me and a woman i had worked with ten years earlier!! however, i was offered the position and lasted for about 9 months. lots of politics and the director and i did not see eye to eye. actually, i thought he was an a**hole}.

la fitness - group fitness instructor. {i absolutely love teaching and have held this job longer than any others}.

local charter school - substitute teacher. {never again. i have enormous respect for teachers}.

crafter/baker {this self-employed, fun job has taken me to various boutiques and businesses}.

local preschool - spanish teacher. {yes. that's right. i am currently teaching spanish to itty, bitty munchkins. they are darling and i know just the right amount of spanish for them}!

stella & dot - stylist. {never thought i would do anything like this...but, i love it}!

whew! that's 25 jobs. and, honestly, i'm probably forgetting some. {i'm already remembering a short stint at a preschool and freelance jobs}. but, they all have taught me something...good and bad. and, i'm proud to say...i have never been fired. for the most part, i left on good terms. there are a few that i left {for one reason or the other} and was welcomed back when i wanted to return.

so, i didn't mean to make this about me. i'm very excited for randi to have all the experiences that come with a job...the good and the bad. she probably won't go through as many as me. {she is a bit more grounded than i was at 16}.

exciting times for the gainfully employed!

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