Friday, August 12, 2016

weekend {birthday} wishes

this boy is 12 this weekend.

earlier in the week, i had asked him if he wanted to take donut holes or something on friday morning. i said i would email his homeroom teacher and ask. he immediately shot me down.

"they don't do that in middle school. they don't celebrate birthdays. do not email my teacher!"

ummm...what? no cookies or cupcakes or donut holes?! no singing and celebrating? what is wrong with these people?! my baby is turning 12!!

i didn't email the teacher asking if i could bring treats. but, i may have sent a little "'s my kid's birthday today".

and, i did get him balloons and make him a chocolate cake {per his request}.
i did send him a text at exactly the time he was born. telling him i loved him and he was officially 12. he texted me back. sweet words. and. i cried.
i was in the middle of a 75 minute spin class and i cried.

i don't know what is wrong with me. aging hormones? i adore my kids and they are so fun to be with and i'm excited about their futures...but, them getting older is killing me!!!

regardless how many tears fall, he is still turning 12 and we are celebrating the great boy he is.

so, most of my weekend is about him.
i am also looking forward to a fun happy hour with two great women {woo-hoo!} and, i should get some work done {sewing, creating, and working on a new business...more on that later}!

happy weekend to you!
may it be filled with chocolate cake and playful wishes!

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