Friday, August 5, 2016

weekend wishes

{rows and rows of happy sunflowers in southeastern az}

here we are.
friday. again.

randi started school today. she's a junior. a year full of sat's, act's, thesis selection, college tours, tough classes, and prom.  i'm sure it will be a breeze. right?

cade finished his first week of middle school and survived. not only did he survive but, he came home happy every day!!  woo-hoo!

i have {for the most part} kept my emotions in check all week. but, that ended this morning. both my babies left for school and i stood in my kitchen. alone. and cried.
but, not for long.
my dear friends, chris and nellie, arrived for our annual back to school breakfast. {we have met every year since our oldest were in kindergarten. this is our 12th year}! 
but, before they arrived and i was getting breakfast all started to sink in. it's going too fast. next year, we will be meeting as our girls are seniors. and, i know cade is right behind her. it's all fun and exciting...and, i love experiencing things with them and watching them grow...but, come on! they are my babies! so, i cried. i stood in my kitchen and cried.

thankfully, my "sisters" arrived and we laughed, ate, drank mimosas, and laughed some more!
{my menu: chocolate and butter croissants, banana/strawberry/chocolate muffins, fruit, and a spinach/sun dried tomato quiche}.
i love these ladies and cherish their friendship and this tradition.

so, my weekend is off to a good start! the rest of the weekend will be filled with...

maybe a road trip? randi and i are itching to head up north. maybe flagstaff for a quick hike and a coffee stop at macy's

maybe some crafting? what i really should be doing is sewing. {i have committed to participate in some holiday boutiques}.

maybe a date with mr. c? my friend just told me about this cool place to check out.

i'm just not sure. this is the first weekend {in a very long time} that we have not had something scheduled. the kids don't even have anything. how did that happen?!

whatever we do, may we all be as happy as this dog.

here's to a weekend full of happily running through the fields!

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