Saturday, August 27, 2016

weekend wishes

happy weekend. {i'm late but, happy nonetheless}!
happy empowering weekend. {boy, do i feel empowered}!

last night, i had my launch party for my new stella & dot business. it was so much fun...i was floating by the end of the night. how could i not be?
  • i was surrounded by amazing women {whom i lucky enough to call my friends} and others who were there in spirit.  {and, one being my stunning daughter}.
  • i was able to bake and feed my friends yummy food and delicious wine.
  • i helped my friends shop and get styled in fabulous jewelry and accessories.
  • and, i was {and am} full of excitement! i love this company and am thrilled to be a part of something that i believe in and is so much fun!

my little spread. :)

i think most of my high came from the wonderful support i had from my girlfriends. from my friend {audrey} who is my mentor in the business, to those that attended my launch and told me i would be great, to my dear friend {brandy} who purchased and sent texts of encouragements from a thousand miles away, to my beautiful daughter who helped me throughout the evening and kissed me goodnight saying, "thanks for being such a cute, fun mom"...they made me fly and feel empowered.

now. with all that said...
here's to, not just a weekend of empowerment, but a lifetime of empowerment! may we always support, love and lift each other up.

a little inspiration for the weekend:

be a superwoman

be like hermione {emma watson}

these girls...AMAZING. i have watched this video several times and get goosebumps and tears. every. time.

and... believe in something wild. {i love lindsey sterling}.

"a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." - james keller

here's to a weekend full of happy, empowering wishes!