Friday, August 19, 2016

weekend wishes

{père lachaise cemetery. paris}

happy friday. 
happy thoughts. happy wishes. happy souls.

yesterday, my mom and i attended the funeral of a family friend. a mother taken from her family too early. i grew up with the kids and have lovely memories of their mom. 
it was a sad affair. 
it wasn't a sad affair.
it was sad because, i found myself crying for those she left behind. however, those she left behind wanted the day to be a celebration of her life. the first thing her husband said to me when i said i was sorry was, "thank you but, don't be. this is a glorious day and we are celebrating her".  
her two youngest kids {out of four} gave her life to speak. it wasn't so much a prepared talk on her life story as it was two kids laughing, reminiscing, and telling stories of their mom. love poured over their words. we would all be extremely lucky people if similar, heart felt words flowed out of the mouths of our loved ones at our times of deaths.

i'm grateful to have known this woman and her family and i am so happy to have shared the day with my we celebrated a great person.

so, on to the weekend!  with all my new business ventures, i will be busy working. learning more about stella and dot, sewing, shopping at goodwill {to get supplies for up cycled gems}, and baking.
i will be making churro donuts to surprise a friend on her birthday and chocolate chip cookies for my sweet neighbor girl {who just made the middle school volleyball team}.

as a family, we hope to see pete's dragon.

maybe mr. c and i will have a date???

and, with the whole family...we will celebrate cade's bday at mimi and papa's. {birthday celebrations last for at least a week around here}.

have i ever mentioned that i studied ballet for years and thought i would be a professional dancer? well, i'm not a prima ballerina with the new york city ballet but, i can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of their art. here is one of my favorite videos.

about the picture above...
i have been lucky enough to visit the pere lachaise cemetery in paris twice. it is one of the most peaceful, beautiful, and, ironically, happiest places. i think i find it happy because, it is so peaceful. calming. happy. and today, is all about happy.

and finally, here's to doing what makes us happy. check out this cute video.
{made you smile, didn't it}?

happy weekend! may it be filled with the happiest of wishes.


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