Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hanging with the Big Boys

cade didn't want a birthday party this year. instead, he wanted to take a couple of friends to the dodger vs dback game. no big deal, right?! thank goodness we know the right people!

when we first arrived on the field, i heard the boys yelling, "no way! they're here!"
famous youtubers - dodger films - were on the field too. the boys were so excited. they spent a lot of time talking to them. the guys even invited the boys to play with them the next morning in their softball game. however, three out of the four boys had a hitathon the next morning!!
{they could not stop talking about it}.

mr. c is friends with some of the coaches and one of them took care of us...8 field passes and 8 great tickets.

these girls were pretty entertaining {as usual}. sarah asked every player she could for a picture.
{pictured - joc peterson is cade's favorite player}!

happy boys. very happy boys.

pretty happy parents too. :)

cute girls. sarah got a picture with puig too. she didn't realize what a big deal he is until they googled him and saw how much he makes!! they were posting pictures and tagging their fav players in them. {randi - jake lamb. sarah - yasiel puig}.

probably the biggest highlight of the night came during the middle of the game when a friend of cade's sent him a message saying he was on the dodger official instagram account!!! the boys were bedside themselves with excitement.
it gets even better...
the next morning, cade learned that the same picture was posted on joc pederson's official account.
holy cow. does life get any better?!

it was a great night filled with lots of happiness. it was a late night...which made for a long day after...{especially after the hitathon}...but, so worth it!

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