Thursday, September 1, 2016

hola, hola...adios

{it's been a long time since my babies were in preschool}.

i'm a preschool teacher.
a spanish preschool teacher, which is really quite comical.

the part time position {only one hour a week} kind of fell in my lap while talking with the director of the preschool. {both of my children attended this wonderful school}. they needed someone and i know just enough spanish to teach 3 and 4 year olds. it was a match made in heaven! {hahaha}!

a few days before my first class, i started getting a little nervous. what was i thinking? how am i going to do this? so, i turned to the professionals...the wonderful people of pinterest. i prepared lesson plans for the first 6 weeks. i was set.

now that i have almost two weeks under my belt, i have to lesson plans are enough for the whole semester! classes are 30 minutes and it takes about that long to understand how to say hello and goodbye in spanish. in between my silly acts of trying to make them understand, i get to hear about elsa {from frozen} coming to elle's birthday party and dj's spiderman birthday cake and peyton's cat. it is hilarious. they are so stinking cute.

last week, as i was trying to make them understand hello and goodbye i had a light bulb moment...

"do you guys know how to play duck, duck, goose?"


"ok. well, we are going to play BUT, instead of saying duck, duck, are going to say hola, hola, adios!"

it took a couple of rounds but, we got it!

i forgot how little 3 and 4 year olds are. they are itty bitty. i love watching them interact. when they are coloring one of them will say, "oh! my monkey is going to be brown". someone else will have a different idea and say, "well, my monkey is going to be purple". and, they don't care. they are so happy their friend chose a different color. i love it!  how much better would the world be if we all had moments of seeing the world through a little one's eyes?

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