Monday, September 26, 2016

Homecoming 2016

over the weekend, i had the privilege of playing photographer for randi and her friends before they headed off to dinner and the homecoming dance. so much fun!

we all met at tumbleweed park where there is a cute, old homestead and orange groves. unfortunately, lots and lots of people had the same idea. other homecoming groups and families decked out in their fall apparel were all fighting for picture space.  {we weren't able to get in the orange groves...too many photographers not willing to share}.

sarah and randi. these two soul sisters crack me up. sarah was laughing in most of the pictures...funny girls.

cute emma and drew. the only couple in the group. i love this picture...leaves you wondering what sweet or funny thing he is telling her.

aubriana and randi. these two have been friends since 5th grade. they've been through a lot's nice to see their friendship grow with them.

randi and savannah. sweet girls.
emma and randi. these two could run the world with their planning skills!!
this pretty much captures their personalities. sarah really wanted a picture by the truck. randi did not. personally, i love the truck! {and these girls}.

i am so glad they wanted me to be there and take pictures. {even though i barely know what i'm doing}. they are a great group of young adults...polite, funny, kind, smart, confident...our future is going to be just fine with them at the lead.

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