Thursday, September 22, 2016

Meeting A Legend

last weekend, randi and i had the privilege of seeing gloria steinam speak at the orpheum theatre. {my favorite venue in the valley}! changing hands {my favorite book store} brought her here...because they are awesome like that.

she spoke at asu years ago and i was unable to attend so, when we found out she was coming we jumped at the opportunity! thank goodness we bought the book and received the tickets well in advance because it was a sold out event!

she was fabulous. even better than i imagined. she said so many great things...i wish i had been taking notes.  here are a few things she said and/or discussed that really made an impact on me:

several times she brought up the importance of community and working together. she is very grateful for technology, the internet, etc. however, she feels real communication and production is done in face to face contact. she said, "we've been sitting around camp fires solving problems for thousands of years". she encouraged us to introduce ourselves to people that night because you never know what will come of it..."a new friend, a job, a love affair, who knows"!  she is so right! when you can actually see there person's eyes, hear their voice, see their makes all the difference.

she talked about feminism, equality for all, black lives matter and her statement about bernie and the young female voter. {she basically said her full statement was not given in the quote and explained that the young, female voter may feel that a vote for bernie would be better because he would have more pull with the men, "boys". randi did not like her explanation. at all}.

she asked what the difference was between arts and crafts. {the commentator/interviewer was a dean of arts at asu. she also did the interview when we saw pussy riot}.  gloria said art is what the european men did and we are supposed to praise it and crafts is what native americans and women do...aren't they all the same?

but, the best thing she said all night is...
"we need to reverse the golden rule. you know the one...probably written by some man a long time ago? do unto others as you would have them do unto you. well, reverse it. we we need to treat ourselves as well as we treat others".
how awesome is that??? pure poetry.

she is 82 years young and was sharp, eloquent, powerful...fabulous.
so glad i was able to experience her presence with my daughter.

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