Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our Future

{me and cade. shadow day 2016}

last week, i had the opportunity to spend several hours with a 6th grader. i attended math, science, and language arts...and. i loved every minute. of course the highlight was being with my sweet boy but, i was also impressed with the teachers and technology in the classroom.  his math/science teacher {seen in the background} issued each kid a card with a different black shape on it. around each side of the shape is a very small letter {a, b, c, d}. he posted a multiple choice question on the smart board and the kids held up their card with the letter for the the answer on the top of the card. {does that make sense}? he then took his smart phone and scanned the room.  as he passed each card {and if their answer is correct} the kids receive a check next to their name {on the smart board}. to the kids, this was business as the parents, we were like "what? no pounding out the erasers??"
in language arts, we got to play family feud and eat snacks made out of bugs. yes. real bugs. they had been studying how humans use to eat bugs {a great source of protein} but, moved on to think bugs are gross. i have to admit...the chips made of cricket flour were pretty good!!!

the teachers were invested, enthusiastic, and full of care. the kids were engaged, fun and polite. 

a couple days later, i was with randi and her friends taking homecoming pictures. they were fun, happy, polite and kind.

after spending so much time with my kids and their peers...i must say...i have complete and total faith, confidence, belief in the future generation. yes, they are on their phones or iPads most of the time...but, they do not know a world without it. and, they know how to use it all quickly and efficiently. they don't know a world before 9/11, without isis, without daily shootings, without social media.  but, they get it. they get it better than some adults. they care...more than some adults. they want equality. they want to save out planet. they understand black lives matter. they don't care if their friend has two dads. they don't care about the color of skin or what god {if any} their friend prays to. they see the bigger picture with bigger hearts. and, because of that...our future is secure. {that is, unless, the adults of this world tarnish and damage their kind souls}.

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