Wednesday, September 7, 2016

release the endorphins

i love to work out. i mean, i REALLY love it. i crave it. i hate missing a day.
i feel stronger, healthier...amazing after a good sweat.

the more people i talk to, the more i realize i am in the minority. even people i thought liked exercising, have confessed that they really don't like it. at all.

my daughter is one of those people. she hates it and always has. however, she wants to do it. she knows she needs to do it. so, last night she agreed to go to the gym with me and do 45 minutes of cardio. i told her i would be right by her, we could go off to the corner and binge watch while we worked up a sweat. on the way home she said she felt good and really wished she liked it. she said she really liked the last two minutes but, the 43 minutes before that were hell!!

this morning {while knocking out a grueling 90 minute workout}, i had a quick chat with a trainer/friend. he was wondering what i was doing there the evening before {i'm a morning exerciser}. i told him i was with my daughter...she hates, i love it...but, i have a theory. the more you do it - the better you will feel so, you will WANT to do it. he looked at me and said, "yeah but, does it always feels good?" ummm....yes. there are few things better than a good sweat. it's a cleansing. and the could you not be happy and feel good with those endorphins being released throughout your body?

i think the trick is finding the right workout. something that will make you happy.
shifting the attitude. if you go into it thinking you will hate - you will not be able to enjoy it.

getting the heart pumping, making the lungs work, and dripping with sweat is a good thing.
release the endorphins! you will feel better when you do.

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