Friday, September 16, 2016

weekend wishes

{a delighted randi in paris. spring 2012}.

thank goodness it's friday.
it's been a busy week. good. but, busy.
one of the things that made it busy is the fact that i had too many things scheduled.
things that had been booked eight months ago. things that when booked i thought, "oh, that will be fun" or "that will fit in perfectly. i have nothing else going on". 
things change. moods change. wants change. 

i think i'm a planner. i like to have things organized and know what i need to do for the day.
as i have gotten older {and, hopefully a bit wiser}, i have learned that i can't be disappointed or stressed when plans do not go as scheduled. 
my family's needs change on a daily basis. someone needs a ride here or there. homework is more than we expected, therefore taking extra time. practice ran late. meetings ran late. the nightly menu item {on my weekly menu} doesn't sound as good as america's tacos. or, i simply don't want to do whatever it was that i scheduled a year ago!

this week i had a dentist appointment that was scheduled six months ago. it wasn't a huge dent in the week but, a dent nonetheless.  i also had paid, booked, and planned on attending a blogging conference. i had been looking forward to it until it got closer. the event was an hour's drive from home {with no traffic}. i had booked a hotel and had planned on staying one night in the area so, i could participate in all the festivities. but, reality set in and i canceled the hotel about 6 weeks ago. then, i had a meeting come up on the first day of the conference and decided i would just attend the second day. then, after looking at the schedule for the second day and what time i would need to leave the conference in order to get home to pick up kids and get to a baseball game with my family...i decided to bail on the whole thing. {plus, mr. c wanted to go the intense cycle class with me again}. would i have had fun? probably. do i regret missing it? not really. my plate is full. more than full.

my dear daughter, however, is a planner to a fault. my mom and i took her to paris a few years ago and she had the entire trip planned perfectly. she had researched everything and knew exactly what she wanted. it was great...until my mom and i just wanted to sit at the outdoor cafes, sip rosé and people watch. she was not down with that.  but, she got over it. just as i will get over missing events, etc. that are planned in advance but, something more important {or better} comes along. 

so. for this weekend {even though we have a few things planned}, i hope to wing it. go with whatever strikes my mood. just roll with it. {enough puns}?

here's to a weekend full of "fly by the seat of your pants" wishes!

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