Friday, September 9, 2016

weekend wishes

it's friday.
fabulous friday!!
i want to dance!

the weekend has been off to a great start. 
last night, i attended a stella & dot rally with my friend, audrey. it was so much fun and motivating. i love being a part of this company!!!

this morning, mr. c decided to hang out and go to my favorite spin class with me. it's 75 minutes of intensity. all of the music videos from the play list are played on a big screen. and. i love it.
we were soaked after the class. soaked. it was extra humid. all of the mirrors were covered in fog. 
it felt great.

my chocolate fudge pop tarts turned out fabulously.

and, today...i did something new. i did a video on facebook live. it's a big deal for me to even be on facebook, let alone facebook live!!  {i'm a newbie to this social media giant}. but, it was fun. i was a bit of a hot mess...but, fun nonetheless.

so, since it is a weekend full of dance party wishes...
i leave you with these videos!!

oh! cute justin!!

tom hanks is the best.

a fabulous anthem.

happy weekend! may you dance the days away!!

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