Friday, October 14, 2016

{long over due} weekend wishes

{cade. flagstaff 2016}

busy. busy. busy.
i need to take a breath and catch up.
and. that is exactly what i plan to do this weekend.

i have several things on my plate at the moment. {i don't want to say too many things because, i love them all}. it kind of caught up with me yesterday and i almost had a break down.
but. i didn't. i pulled it together and made plans to eliminate one thing by january.

35 days. 
i officially have 35 days until my first holiday boutique of the season. 
and, since i will be out of town for 4 of those days...i officially have 31 days to create inventory.
i currently inventory. yikes!

so, this weekend i will be sewing. i believe i have said that before but, this time...I MUST!

i also want to make these fall scones.

and, how fabulous do these donuts look?

maybe, will spend a few hours baking to find my zen before i sew???

i can bake some yummy treats to ease the hearts of some people in my life who are dealing with some hardships...a friend who is hurting over devastating news regarding a family member and my sweet nephew who lost his elderly friend and neighbor yesterday.

spread a little kindness around...that's a good thing to do this weekend! {that would be a good thing for this whole country to do}!!

i'm also loving october {as usual}. the decorations, the colors {when we drive up north}, and the decorations. how cute is this garland?

although, as much as i love this time of year, it's a bit of a struggle in phoenix. our mornings are cool and gorgeous! but, by noon - it's 90 degrees. i want to wear boots and sweaters! not shorts and sandals!!!

i have so much to say and blog about! i will get caught up this weekend and ready to attack come monday!  
until then...happy fall and happy weekend! may it be filled with pumpkins, apples and cider spiced wishes!  {and, lots of kindness}.


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