Thursday, October 27, 2016


recently, mr. c and i returned from paradise. we had the opportunity to spend five days at the amazing le blanc resort and spa in cancun, mexico. {a business supplier of his invited us on an all expense paid trip}. it was fabulous.

this was my third trip to cancun.
my first one was 24 years ago. i was 19.
i loved it so much, i stayed for several months.
the second time was a couple of years ago. we took my parents and kids to club med.
each visit was perfect and vastly different!

the le blanc resort was adults only and was first class. {we even had a butler}! they waited on us hand and foot. pillow menus, 24 hour room service, aromatherapy, bedtime chocolates, a decadent spa...the list goes on and on. it was heaven.

of all my happy places...the beach is definitely my happiest.

on one of the days we did an excursion to isla de mujeres. we had been before but, it is always a nice trip. we took a catamaran {the albatros} to the island. we were able to stop halfway at a protected marine area where we snorkeled. once on the island, we rented a golf cart and toured around for an hour or so. {i love the colors of the island}.

we got a little thirsty on our tour.

he kind of makes my heart happy.

it is a very quaint, lovely island.
as we drove around, we dreamt of retiring on a little island like this.

then, i could just lounge all day like this guy. :)

we've only been home for three days and i'm wishing i was back there with this man.

one evening {at the hotel}, we had the opportunity to release baby sea turtles to the ocean. it was awesome! we were told to name them. {mine was katie grace and mr. c's was joc}. we stood in a line near the shore and helped them make it to the water. there was one bird swarming above trying to get some dinner...we kept having to scare him away! without help, the babies have about a 10% chance of making it to the ocean. with our help, they are hoping for 90% success rate!
the conservationist monitor the eggs {the mamas lay them on the beach} and help make sure they survive...keeping them from predators, etc.

it was a perfect getaway with perfect timing. {i highly recommend leaving the country during election periods...we didn't hear a world from devil trump for five days}!
but, by day three i was missing my babies. {it always helps knowing my babies are safe and sound with mimi and papa though}!

from drinking mimosas in first class on the way there to couple's massages to cabanas on the beach to jumping in the waves...i couldn't have asked for more.  and, i got to do it all with my favorite person.

*when we got home monday night...the kids had ordered dinner for us, gone to the grocery store, and had homework done. of course, they played hooky that day but, we allowed it. :)