Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Parent/Teacher conferences

{my babies. circa: 2006ish}

this picture has little to do with this post. and, i've probably used it before...but, i wanted a picture of the two of them and, when i came across this one...i couldn't resist!  sweet babies.

parent/teacher conferences evolve as the kids age. and, i'm not sure how i feel about it.

let's start with my middle schooler. just the simple progression of going to middle school is an adjustment. less volunteer opportunities, more homework and, a 12 year old who is way more interested in social time than school. and, to top all of that...the teaches do not really want to meet with you unless there is a need {from you or the teachers}. i guess i should be grateful that there was not a need. he's doing fine. no concerns from all involved parties. 
i feel a little in the dark. is he really doing ok? is he too chatty? does he hang out with the right kids? does he focus? is he too social?
i've been assured that he really is doing ok. {yes. i still emailed the teachers even though they didn't feel the need to meet with me}.
he's a good student and {i think} he tells me everything that is going on. but, it's strange not being at the school as often and not having a face to face with the teachers.
plus, to be honest...the other great thing about conferences is hearing others tell you, "you have a great kid".

moving to high school. randi attends a different high school. it's a college prep school and they do things differently. as a junior, she had to facilitate the conference. {i was to say very little...just be a bystander}. 
she dressed stylishly professional. 
she sat down with her notes in a neat folder. 
she was awesome.
i was proud.
whether she was excelling in the class or struggling a bit, each teacher listened intently to her words and respected her as a student and person.  one teacher said he graded her higher in participation than others who may participate more because when she does have something to say it is deep and thoughtful. another teacher {of a class that is exceptionally difficult for her} was so appreciative of what she had to say and her efforts, he wants to find extra times to meet with her {even 6:30AM} so she will succeed. 
at times, it was hard for me to keep my mouth shut. i marveled at her...and, i was wanting to say, "isn't she great?! seriously, don't you want to see where she goes in life?!"

all in all, i'm happy with the evolution of the conferences. as long as i still have a foot in the door and the teachers know who mom is...i'm good!

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