Monday, October 17, 2016

Visting Fall

a couple of weeks ago, mr. c mentioned he needed to check on a job near flagstaff. i didn't hesitate. "why don't we make a weekend of it and check out fall? it will be fun!"
he did hesitate. but, i convinced him we needed to go.

it was cade's last weekend of fall break and randi's first weekend. she, however, already had plans and did not join us. {although, she loves flagstaff and i'm crossing my fingers she attends nau for her undergrad}.  since randi wasn't going, cade invited his buddy, connor.

it was set. we would head up early on a saturday and come home sunday. easy peasy.
it was columbus day weekend, fall break, and everyone else in the valley wanted to visit fall too. it took a few hours on the phone to find a hotel. {we settled for a dumpy one...but, it was two adjoining rooms and, it allowed dogs}.

the homeowners of the job mr. c was checking suggested we check out bearizona. so, after finishing the work part of the trip, we drove past flag straight to bearizona. {it is in williams...about 30 minutes outside of flagstaff}.

it was so cool! we drove through the park where cubs, large black bears, wolves, bison, and big horn sheep were all wondering around. we were told to keep doors and windows closed at all times and do not stop too long because the bears will climb on the cars! the setting of the park is beautiful. after you complete the two mile drive {about 30 minutes}, you can park and walk through a lovely area where they have enclosures of various other animals. {the black jaguar is a must see}.  there is a large gift shop and snack stand. they even had a haunted house set up that the boys enjoyed.

later that evening, we took the boys to dinner and watched the asu game.

the next morning, we had breakfast {at galaxy on route 66} and headed out for a lovely hike.
it was a gorgeous day. {the previous day was cold and rainy}. we drove to snow bowl rode where there are several trails. the leaves were breathtaking. aspen are my favorite tree. their white bark and dancing leaves make my heart happy! and, to see them in their autumn wardrobe was a happy site!

our trail took us to this water tank. i'm sure it serves as a watering hole for lots of critters. {there were several signs posted about the heavy bear siting in the area. however, we did not come across yogi or boo boo}.  isn't the view breathtaking?

my love.
{cade was trying to photo bomb us in the background}.

seriously, the happiest dog in the world. {and the cutest}. she had so much fun.
although, she was ready to attack the bears and wolves at bearizona. she growled and barked like crazy...while in the safety of my the car!
she slept so good that night.

i love living in the valley of the sun.
this time of year gets a bit frustrating. as the rest of the country is preparing for fall...we are in the 90's wearing shorts and flip flops.
thankfully, we can visit fall and all her loveliness within a short two hour drive. it's nice to see the changing colors, wear scarves and jackets and love the season! even if it's only for a weekend. 

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