Friday, October 28, 2016

weekend wishes

{me and batman - aka emerson. circa: 2012ish}.

happy friday!
happy halloween weekend!!

it's not even 9AM and the day has already been fabulous!
when i took mia out this morning, it was still a little dark outside because of some cloud coverage. but...those clouds were pink. i kid you not. pink clouds filled my world this morning! my family always teases me that i live in a world of pink skies and this morning...they were definitely right!

everyone was in happy moods as they got ready for work and school. i had been feeling a little run down the last few days {vacation hangover} but, their happy moods made me feel better.

as i took mia on a walk this morning, i ran into a fellow regular dog older gentleman with three sweet dogs. we chatted for a few minutes and as i was getting ready to move on he asked how cade was. {cade is my walking buddy and always stops to talk to this man and play with his dogs}. i said he was great...just left for school. he replied, "that's good. he is such a fine young man. good boy". i swear that makes my heart swell. as awesome as i think my kids are, when someone else recognizes it - my heart explodes!

so, with a morning like can the weekend be anything but beautiful!

this weekend will be filled with teenagers and halloween goodness! randi is having a party tonight. she made cute invites, found some fun halloween games, and has a full pinterest board of treats for me to make. {which means my afternoon will be full of baking}!

cade has a party to attend saturday while randi will be serving up drinks at starbucks!  
and, far, sunday is free!!! 

in between running kids and baking...i will be sewing {i have one apron made and only 20 days to bust out more} and hopefully, get a hike in {to soothe the soul}.

cheers to a ghoulishly fun weekend! may it be filled with pink skies and beautiful wishes!