Thursday, November 3, 2016


the arizona weather is finally giving us a break. which means, i can venture out to my favorite happy place. this may not look like a beautiful place to some {my daughter} but, i find it breathtaking, relaxing, peaceful. i can easily spend two hours hiking and running around those hills by myself. thinking. reflecting. breathing.

i was out doing this very thing yesterday. i have a million things on my plate. things that i should have been doing. but, this was much better for my soul. i found myself thinking of something that happened over the weekend. there was a moment on saturday when i became a true crazy woman.

i was cleaning up from my daughter's slumber party {still in my pjs} as my family was heading out the door for work, appointments, etc.  i was going about my business when randi came back in and said there were two ladies outside looking for me. what? i was not expecting anyone. mr. c came back in and said he would take care of it. well, curiosity got the best of me. when i peaked out the window, they were getting in their car. i had no idea who they were. i walked back outside where my family told me it was jehovah's witness and they said i met a man at the library and wanted information. what the hell?!  the same thing happened 6-8 months ago and i was not able to speak to them. {again i had missed them and the same message was relayed to me}. i was mad. they were not getting away with this. i marched to their car {in my pjs, wearing a halloween crown...which mr. c quickly suggested i remove} and confronted them. how dare they lie to get followers!!! i was shaking when i told the woman {there were 4 total} that i did not appreciate them lying to me or my family. i have never inquired about their religion and i was disgusted they would use this ploy to try and get me interested. she tried to talk her way out of it but, i was not buying it. the whole thing was fishy!  i finished by telling her i did not want to see them again and they had better remove me from any and all list.  as i turned to march back home, my neighbor was standing there washing his car in shock. i'm sure i looked crazy. {but, once i filled him in - he agreed with me}.

don't get me wrong. i am not against jehovah's witness {or any religion for that matter}. to each their own. but, don't use unethical tactics to get followers, believers, whatever.

religion is personal. i have always believed there are so many religions because there are so many different people in the world. everyone needs their own path to follow.

i was raised mormon. after being inactive for almost twenty years, i made the decision to officially leave the church several years ago. i do not agree with the beliefs or teachings and wanted a separation. it was no easy task but, i did it. {i waited several years because i did not want to hurt any family or ruffle feathers}. i only share this little tidbit because, it's important when expressing what i believe in...that you know i am not associated with any religion. {honestly, i don't believe in organized religion but, again, to each their own. i respect the right to believe in or pray to whatever you want}.

i believe in...
nature {this beautiful planet}

fill the world with these things and it will be a better place. amen.

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