Monday, November 21, 2016

Feeling Good

the past few weeks have been a whirlwind and mia and i are exhausted!
{while i was busy sewing, she would pass out in the pile of fabric}.

friday and saturday was the dayspring holiday boutique.
i haven't done a boutique in six years...they are a lot of work! i scrambled to get ready in time and had just enough inventory.

homemade white chocolate raspberry jam.

friday was the longest day.  i was at the boutique, left to teach a class, came back to the boutique, left at 6 for a stella and dot show and got home around 10PM. plus, i was wearing heels for most of the feet were screaming!!!
after an exhausting two days, we spent saturday evening with huey lewis and the news. brought me right back to 6th grade!!!

they were so good but, it was the second time in a week i had to wait on an artist. he was supposed to be on at 8:30...and didn't hit the stage until almost 10.

earlier in the week, randi and i attended the lauryn hill concert. she kept us waiting so long - we left before she came on. i mean really...who do they think they are???

and, speaking of randi...
she is crazy busy too! adding to the chaos of the weeks - she was in charge of costumes for henry v, as well as, performing in the play.

with everything going on and the lack of sleep...i was starting to get grumpy by saturday morning. so, do you know what i did? as i was driving from one thing to the next? listened to christmas music. i love carols but, try and wait until after thanksgiving. not this year! i needed a mood lifter and that did just the trick. :)

so, life is crazy but, i'm feeling good.
{and it continues to get busier. as i was sitting her typing i received a scone order, pie orders and another apron order}.  christmas carols, here i come!

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