Monday, November 14, 2016

happy baker

happy monday!!
it's a new week and, although i'm still sad about the future of our country, i'm out of my funk and ready to tackle the week!

my saving grace last week was baking. i had two baking orders to keep my distracted. the first one was a basic cupcake order for a customer who was hosting her book club. 

the second was a little larger. i had an order for 180 bags - filled with three cookies each.
are you doing the math? that's 45 dozen...540 cookies! it was crazy. but, i was organized, methodical and...not only did i get it done in a timely manner but, i was able to deliver fresh baked cookies. {no frozen cookies coming out of this kitchen}!

mr. c and i found ourselves childless thursday evening so, we opened a bottle of wine and bagged all 540 cookies! he then delivered them the next morning to the brayden's buddy charity golf tournament.

happy. happy. happy.

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