Wednesday, November 9, 2016

life goes on


today we have a new president elect. 
at least half of the nation is in disbelief. 
the other half is doing a victory dance.
i happen to be in that first half. i'm shocked, sad, and scared.
he will be the president of my homeland, not my president.

i cannot believe donald trump is our leader.  he will be the first elected president with zero political experience and has never served in the military. he's a reality show host. he's a failed business man. he's a racist. he's a fear monger. he's a bully. {i could go on and on}.

i know some of you reading this completely disagree with me. and. that's ok. 
that's the beauty of this country...we can believe and vote how we desire.
{although, i absolutely cannot warp my brain around supporting this man}.

i have never felt this way before. i have voted in every election since turning 18. sometimes my candidate won and sometimes lost. i have been disappointed. however, this time my candidate lost and i feel sick.
i have such great disgust and dislike in my heart and soul for this man.
i will be positive and hope for the best. i have to have faith in the half of you who supported him. i have to believe you want goodness, as i do. {although, we may not think the same things bring goodness}. 

i'm afraid we are going to lose the great progress we have made...women's rights, health rights, environmental rights, foreign relations...equality...

we will see how things unfold. i will have hope in my heart. i will be kind to others. i will open my mind.  i will love. because, no matter goes on.

{on a side note...arizona voters finally kicked arpaio to the curb and passed a proposition to raise minimum wage...but, shot down the proposition to legalize marijuana}.

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