Friday, November 25, 2016

{thankful} weekend wishes

my heart is full of gratitude.
today and always.
i have a great life. one that is full of blessings.

yesterday {thanksgiving}, i got to get up from a nice, warm bed and walk in to my beautiful {well stocked} kitchen where hot coffee, the newspaper, and my handsome husband were waiting.
i got to love on my babies, as they woke up...
walk my precious puppy around our lovely neighborhood...and bake for my loves while i watched the parade with my darling daughter.

as i made homemade rolls, i was lucky enough to have sweet memories of my nana rush through my mind. she always made homemade rolls and biscuits and would call me and my cousin "dough heads" as we swiped bites of dough. having my hands in flour makes me think of her. always. and, i am so grateful for my love of baking and her lasting imprint on my heart.

as i finished up a cake and the rolls, i got to smell the savory scents of mr. c's turkey roasting in the oven. our home was filled with intoxicating aromas.

when the baking was complete, i was able to shower with soothing hot water...get dressed - choosing from a closet full of clothes and head over to my mom's in a nice vehicle.

we were welcomed at my parent's home with love and friendship, as we were greeted by family and friends. we enjoyed each other's company...laughing and telling stories. we sipped on delicious wine and ate scrumptious food until our bellies were about to burst.  we watched the kids play, talked and laughed until the yawns started to make the rounds through the group. we said our goodbyes. hugged and kissed. and drove safely home...back to our warm sanctuaries.

each and every day.
there should never be a complaint seeping from our lips.

i am thankful for my family. their love, laughs and support.
i'm thankful for my right to choose.
i'm thankful for those who work on the hiking trails...keeping them clean.
i'm thankful that {in this country} everyone is allowed to love and marry whom they choose.
i'm thankful that we have the right to vote, believe in, support whom and what we choose.
i'm thankful for the checks and balances in this country...therefore, one evil man cannot rule the country as he sees fit.

i'm thankful for love, kindness and the human spirit.

happy weekend! i hope everyone had a beautiful thanksgiving. 

here's to a weekend full of gratitude and thankful wishes!

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