Friday, November 4, 2016

weekend wishes

{nov. 1, 2003}

happy friday!! 
it is a glorious day. the weather has finally decided to change for the better.
yesterday was filled with dark skies and rain and this morning, there is a bright crispness in the air!
i love it!

earlier this week, mr. c and i celebrated 13 years of love and marriage. we celebrated by taking randi {cade was at camp} to dinner {at buck and rider}. we had an awesome meal and loved visiting with her about colleges and a possible college tour trip!!  we also, of course, had to watch the 6th game in the world series...such an exciting series!

speaking of the seven was epic. it was amazing and chilling to watch the cubs win after 108 years of waiting!! i screamed when the final out was made and i cried watching the players celebrate and become emotional themselves.

i also had a reunion with my favorite boy this week. cade returned from camp on wednesday and i smothered him in kisses. he had a blast and loved the experience. shout out to the teachers for giving them such an amazing experience.

ok. on to the weekend.
it will be filled with baseball {cade has a tournament}. 
but, in between i will be sewing and preparing for a very large baking order. {45 dozen cookies by friday}.
i know i've already talked about this but, i am a bit overwhelmed and frustrated with myself for procrastinating. because of the stress {i created}, it's not fun. i don't know why i can't get motivated to get this sewing project done!!! ugh! 

oh well. i hope everyone has had a beautiful week that will carry in to the weekend! i leave you with a little laughter...
you can't help but smile watching these devastated kids.

happy weekend! may it be filled with happy wishes and completed projects!

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