Saturday, November 12, 2016

weekend wishes

{south mountain}

happy weekend!
and, thank goodness the weekend is here and this week is behind us!
it was a rough one for me.
i very seldom get down or in a funk but, the last few days i fell into a hole and it has been a struggle climbing out.

it's a beautiful day. i'm healthy. my family is healthy. all will be ok. 

i know i sound like a  broken record but, this weekend i will be...sewing! i only have a few days left  to prepare for the dayspring boutique. but, i'm finally in a good place and will be fine.  i may even have time to can some jam to sale.

randi and i are attending a lauryn hill concert on sunday. we are super excited for the vip tickets we scored!!

the rest of the weekend will be filled with some bread baking, spending as mush time as possible outside, and loving those around me. 

and, here are a couple of things to bring some weekend smiles...

cheers to you! here's to a weekend filled with kindness, love and beautiful wishes!