Wednesday, December 7, 2016

blowing glass

{my masterpiece}

a few nights ago, i was invited to spend the evening with some fabulous ladies...
and learn to blow glass. how could i pass that up? fun girls AND learning something new...perfect!

rolling my hot blob of glass in to my sparkles of colored glass.
{those are crazy hot fire pits behind the white doors}.

the guys at circle six studio were great! there was no fluff...just straightforward, "this is what you do". they were funny, informative and patient.

the rods to make the glass were cleaned over fire. every once in a while, you could hear the glass breaking off the rods.

so hot! it was a chilly evening but, they had all the doors open...the only warm spot was near the crazy hot fire pits. this job would not be as much fun during the summer months!!

we actually blew the glass to get the ball shape. 

i really look like i know what i'm doing. right?! well, i did not have a clue.
the guys held our hands through the whole process but, he walked away during this part and i kind of panicked as my blob of glass looked like it was going to drip off like honey!
{that was the hottest, brightest fire i have ever seen}.

we spun and pinched the get the nice ball shape.

pretty colored glass and samples of what we could make.

it was a fun evening. and, we finished an hour ahead of schedule...which meant we had time for a glass of wine at picazzo's.

here is more information about circle six studios. check it out.
they have happy hours and other classes/programs.

thanks to these ladies for including me. it was fun getting to know new, fun people too!!


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