Saturday, December 31, 2016

Enjoy the Moments

As I type this, there are exactly 75 minutes left of the year. And, I couldn't let the year close without a final post...

I closed 2016 the best way I know how...running my beautiful mountain in the morning and snuggling with all three of my loves in the evening.

The last few weeks have been busy and happened too quickly. Between holiday festivities, a friend staying with us through the holidays and Randi being gone during has been fun, but exhausting!

My mountain has been calling my name for several days and it felt amazing to be back on it this morning. Being a Saturday, it was busy. {I had to dodge all the families and out of towners}. The weather was perfect. Cool. Cloudy. Invigorating.  As I was approaching a hill, I saw an older man and his dog ahead of me. The dog had ran ahead and he was yelling out to the people sitting at the top of the hill that he was friendly and just wants to say hi. I smiled. The group sitting did not. They didn't seem too amused with his furry friend.  I slowed my run to a walk and stopped to say hi to the gentleman and pet his hiking buddy. Steve and Zoe were there names. We walked together for a bit. I learned that they come out their every Saturday {usually earlier though}, October - May. They don't mess around with the heat of the summer months. Zoe loves to eat and is somewhat of a hoover vacuum. And, she stays right by Steve's side. After about a 10-15 minute walk, I decided I better pick up my pace again. I said I would look for them on Saturdays and wished them a happy new year. As I ran off, my heart was full. My time was going to be slower than I wanted, but it was worth the conversation and enjoying the moment.

From my hike, I rushed home to shower and Cade and I drove to the airport to get Randi. I was so excited to have her home!!  After lots of big hugs and kisses, we headed to meet my mom for lunch. {She wanted to hear all about Randi's week}. After a two hour lunch...all the stories had been told and we were ready to head back home and check on Mr. C.  We found him in the backyard relaxing by his new table top fire. {It is super cool and cozy}!  He spent the rest of the afternoon preparing a wonderful meal for us this evening while Randi and I snuggled up watching White Christmas. {We didn't get to watch it before she left}.  After an amazing meal, we all cuddled on our bed and watched Sully. {Good movie. True Story. Tom Hanks. Need I say more}?

And now, here I am...getting out one last thought of 2016. It's been an interesting year. It gave us a tumultuous election and took lots of great artists. {Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Debbie name a few}.  But, it also gave me another beautiful year with the ones I love. Cade started middle school, Randi got her license, and Mr. C got a new hip! I can't say I have loved every single moment of 2016, but I have definitely enjoyed more than not.

Here's to a better 2017! May we enjoy all the least most of them!