Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Tea and Parties

randi and i were very busy last week.
thursday evening we enjoyed dinner at postino, shopping and the wonderful play, billy elliot at phoenix theatre. {phenomenal. our new favorite}.

friday afternoon, we had lovely tea at the biltmore. in the past, we have enjoyed tea at the ritz, however, it closed last year. we were pleasantly surprised with the biltmore.  we liked it even better. the tea guys were funny, interesting, and very warm and engaging. we learned so much about the history of the biltmore and are anxious to go back for a history tour.  {let's just say, the rat pack and marilyn monroe hung out there and there was a speak easy that clark gable liked to frequent}.

these were brought out to us as we were finishing our tea...pomegranate mouse cups.

saturday was our annual holiday open house. this is such a wonderful tradition. we started when she was little...skipped several years...and started back up again a few years ago. we invite girlfriends and their moms, daughters, sisters...all girls. 

i love preparing for the party...baking, cooking, trying new recipes...but, it is exhausting!! late nights {which i don't do} and lots of organizing {which i love}.

during all these festivities, randi finished finals and worked{long shifts} in between everything. she's a trooper!!

'tis the season!