Friday, December 2, 2016

weekend wishes

happy friday and happy december!

i'm looking forward to a weekend full of holiday shopping and hanging with my family...
there are no tournaments, parties, meetings, etc. {and, i couldn't be happier}!

yesterday this sweet boy of mine got braces. we went in for a consultation on tuesday. i thought they would tell us to come back in a few months. nope! he was ready now!  
he was excited and nervous. {he literally made himself sick with nerves the night before}. but, he survived and actually did really well. he asked a million questions {as usual} and made the dr. and assistant laugh and roll their eyes.
i'm sure the weekend will also be filled with preparing soft foods for him!

i also hope to sew this weekend. i have some projects i'm working on and hope to announce some new things soon!!

and, a weekend isn't complete without some baking...
i want to make these yummy cookies
and these donuts!

as for some shopping...
i'm loving these holiday t-shirts
and, i love this shirt and this shirt from spiritual gangster!

here's to merry weekend full of cheery and bright wishes!