Thursday, January 5, 2017


When I was in middle school, Guess jeans were the must have. These were not just any pair of jeans. They were fitted and tapered around the ankles with a short zipper right at your Achilles and the perfect Guess triangle on the butt pocket. They were it. And. They cost about $50.00. {Which was quite a bit of money for a pair of jeans}. I begged and pleaded...I needed them.  I finally got a pair and I can't even remember when I got the gift. {I do, however, remember receiving the fabulous Guess overalls for Christmas}.

I don't think I have owned a pair of Guess jeans since. My taste grew to love Gap then Lucky and now...whatever makes this 43 {almost 44} year old butt look good!  My mom was never big on labels, therefore, it was never of the utmost importance to me. {Other than those blessed jeans}.  However, we grow, we change, we fall in love with a man who wants you to have the best of everything...

Mr. C bought me my first Coach bag as a gift for our first Christmas. He has since bought me a handful of Coach and Kate Spade purses and wallets. {This is not a bragging post. I have a point to make. Promise}.  I was {and still am} a huge Sex and the City fan so, when he came across some Manolo Blahnik shoes, he brought them home for me. {I now have four pair...three of which have received lots of wear time}.  This Christmas, he surprised me with a Vera Wang dress. {It's more like a gown}. He picked it out himself and it fits like a glove. He was very proud of this gift and he loves knowing I have a Vera Wang gown in my closet. {Not sure where I'm going to wear it...but, I will be ready}!

Later, when I was telling him how much I loved it and all the great Nike and Under Armour gear he got me he replied, " I love shopping for you. I see something I know you would like, I picture you opening it, and I picture you wearing it. That makes me happy."  It doesn't matter if I'm a label person or not. The man I love, loves getting specific things for me. {And, he is very good at it. I have never had to return a thing}.

This label love has carried over to my kids. Randi adores Tiffany's and Michael Kors. {I hope she has a great paying job when she grows up}! And, Cade is a Nike kid. And, like hurts to mix Nike with Under Armour, but we do it when we have to!! However, they will both bargain shop with me. Cade's favorite store is Marshall's and Randi and I have found some huge {name brand} treasures at Goodwill.  They both sell or donate clothes that no longer order to get new things.  The label love of my husband and my love for discount shopping has {hopefully} created a healthy balance for these two young shoppers!

Now, with all that point:
who cares?! Who cares what someone else is wearing or what they have hanging in their closet. If they are happy, no one else should care. We shouldn't judge because someone wants to wear a swoosh or have way too expensive shoes. We all have our "labels". It may not be a high end brand or even a well known brand. It could be you only wear handmade or you only eat Hidden Valley Ranch or you only get your make-up from Sephora. We are a society of labels.  We eat, drink, wear, travel, sleep, watch, etc labels. We even label each other with labels because of our labels! And, we think, "well, I'm not into labels. it's not me. I would never wear Jimmy Choo's, even if I could afford them. " Yeah well, I always said I would never live in a giant house, even if I had all the money in the world. But, you know what? I've never had all the money in the world. Therefore, I have no idea where I would live or what labels I would be wearing.


{My inspiration: In the above picture, I was perusing a stack of magazines. I came across a Dior gym bag that is $2,250.00. I thought, "who in the hell would buy that? Me? If I had tons of money. I don't know. I've never been the position to buy a $2,250 gym bag"!!