Monday, January 2, 2017

new year, same me

 Happy New Year!!!

All over social media, people have posted "new year, new me". 
I'm not drinking that kool-aid.
I like me. 
Sure, there may be some goals I want to achieve but, new me? No thanks.
{Actually, after looking at last year's goals, it looks like they will be rolling over to I didn't complete any of them}!

I will...
work on getting caught up on scrapbooking and genealogy. 
maybe learn some sign language.
try one new recipe a week.
hike one new trail a month.
volunteer more.
maybe take up tap dancing.
focus on getting my little business up and running.
sew more. 
complete a needlepoint project.

And, maybe...there's a chance...that those things will roll into 2018. 
That's ok. If I don't get to them it just means life got busy. Family time got in the way. 
And. That's ok. That's life. That's a good life.
But, I'm still me. And, I like me....uncompleted goals and all.


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