Thursday, January 19, 2017

Playing the big leagues

Last week, Mr. C attended baseball camp for the 6th year. He almost didn't go this year due to unhappiness and disagreement with the Dback organization. (Once again, they treated one of their own with great disrespect. It's amazing how horribly they treat their employees). However, a few calls were made and received...and with a little prodding, he decided to go. And. I am so glad he did!!
It is such a great week...playing ball and hanging with the best group of people. They have such genuine care and love, not only for the game, but for each other.

I love watching this man of mine play ball. He truly missed his opportunity to play professionally (he was drafted twice), however, I'm selfishly glad he did. He probably wouldn't be my partner in life if he had taken a different path.
And this cute boy was the best bat boy. Ever.  He loves being out there as much as Mr. C. (Plus, he got to miss three days of school)!
That face!

For the first time, Mr. C's team won the championship!! It was a very exciting game. Swindell was our coach...and we beat Grace's team.
I was not planning on attending this game on Friday morning. Cade was supposed to go to school and and I had a class to teach. However, after lots of tears (from Cade) and a gut feeling (from me), we decided to toss responsibilities to the wind and surprise Mr. C. And, what a great surprise it was! We got to spend the morning at the ball field and watch them win the whole she-bang!
My love.

During the week of camp, the current team is starting their training for the season. Cade and I had the opportunity to watch several of them practice (Goldy, Peralta, Lamb, and others). One day, we had the chance to catch this guy (Jake Lamb). He was super nice and awesome with Cade. Cade was more than excited! (Randi was out with us the day before. She is in love with him and was so sad she missed him)!

As always, it was a wonderful, unforgettable week!

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